New Addition to the Mannequin Family

I have been a doll maker since I was eight years old..I guess my mannequins were the next step .I am trying to decide on who will join the “mannequin” family  so sketching out some ideas works best..colored pencils, acrylic inks,fineline markers.

Comedian-day 30

I’ve been enjoying the challenge of working with the limited Summer palate of the Akashiya Sai brush pens. Also decided that I like drawing straight away with the Pentel brush pen – as opposed to using pencil first and inking over.

New sneakers

Day 29 of my 100 Meaningful Days project. I ordered a pair of new sneakers online and they arrived.

Susie’s House

  My friend and coworker, Susie offered up her painting as a post on this blog. She is a very talented artist. I love this painting. We had a conversation about self criticism. She was an art major and finds it hard sometimes to do art because she is very critical of herself. I totally…

The wave that ate the PNW

Day 28 I have been troubled by the overly fearsome New Yorker article published about the impending doom of an earthquake surely to hit sometime in the next 50 years or something. So I drew this to make myself feel a little better.

Day 23 – July 11

This is my ‪‎Timbuk2‬ bag. I’ve had it for more than 15 years. It has accompanied me on countless adventures, and might have even saved my life when I got hit by a car (or prevented injury at least). I’ve spent a ton of money searching for the perfect bag – but maybe the perfect…

Day 17 – July 5

This is my second self portrait – and on a Sunday. Self Portrait Sunday?