Mt Jefferson- day 82

   It was a beautiful clear day – clear enough to see Mt Jefferson from Timberline Lodge (on Mt Hood). I love the way the mountains lighten in color the further away they are. I thought it would be a great exercise in paint layering.

Tequila – day 80

Today I tried layering watercolor paint. It was a fun exercise but I need more practice.

Pumpkin on a bench – day 79

I am learning about shading so I thought it would be good to look at a black and white photo I’ve taken and sketch that – paying attention to the gray tones. I had a lot of fun with this and am pleased with the result. It’s not perfect, by any stretch of the imagination…

Silver teapot – day 78

   I haven’t been posting my daily sketch because I’ve been feeling very self conscious. I decided to upload this anyway as a way to, hopefully, silence the critic. I’ve been practicing shading with black watercolor, as per an exercise from the book Urban Watercolor Sketching. I’m so new at this and it feels awkward…

Antfarm- day 75

I attempted urban sketching the other day. I felt very self conscious and silently hoped that no one would be curious about what I was drawing.

Apple impaled on fence – day  74

I was so not feeling this when I sketched it yesterday. Looking at it today I feel a little better. I fear I am losing that precious “beginner’s mind.” And now the Criric is creeping in.

Owls in a tree – Days 71, 72, 73

I tried an exercise from a craft magazine we have here at the library. I honestly don’t know what magazine it was and I am very sorry about that because it would be nice to reference it. If I can find it again I’ll update this post. For the exercise I first panted on the…

Olympus XA – day 70

I decided to sketch my Olympus XA – then when I pulled it out of the closet I couldn’t help but put the leather strap around my wrist so I sketched the tiny camera in the palm of my hand. Now I want to put film in it and shoot with it.

The notebook- day 69

I have been slacking on my daily drawing. Not sure if I’m losing momentum or if I am lacking time. Maybe both. I decided to do a wick watercolor sketch of my notebook.