Owls in a tree – Days 71, 72, 73

I tried an exercise from a craft magazine we have here at the library. I honestly don’t know what magazine it was and I am very sorry about that because it would be nice to reference it. If I can find it again I’ll update this post. For the exercise I first panted on the paper with water. Then I went over the water with watercolor, using two or three colors for each element, and allowing the colors to bleed together as they wanted. I let it dry and then went over it again the next day, this time adding salt to the colors while it was still wet. On the third day I inked it in with the Pentel Pocket brush pen.

Here is what it looked like on day 1:

It was really fun to do! I love that with an exercise like this you have to give up control. I think this is what also draws me to pinhole photography. This idea that you are not exactly sure how things will turn out when you are in creative mode and then being somewhat surprised at the results.   There is some freedom in letting go like that.  It’s also fun.


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