Dinner bowl

I’ve been in a major drawing slump and haven’t picked up a pencil in days and it’s made me sad. So today I searched for things I can do to get out of my slump. One suggestion was to give an entire sketchbook a theme. As luck would have it, I’m starting a new sketchbook….

Though the hut is small it contains the entire world

I started out by simply drawing lines – not having any goal. Then I decided to draw the grass hut in a poem I’ve been studying. It was written by By Shitou Xiqian, a zen Buddhist monk from Japan in the 700s. It’s called The Song Of The Grass Roof Hermitage.


  I spent yesterday evening writing this concrete poem and didn’t do a traditional drawing but I kinda feel like this counts because I was drawing with words. 🙂


This is my second attempt at sketching in public. The first one was Saturday at the Portland Art Museum and it’s terrible. I’m too embarrassed to post it. I bought a book on pencil sketching and an really liking it. This started out as a pencil sketch and I think I liked it better that…

Electro 35

Another one from the collection. I wanted to play with it but the batteries are dead.

Olympus OM1- day 85

   Today I thought I’d draw something from life: the camera I played with today. 

The tree- day 84

   Apparently it’s is Inktober – which is fantastic because I’m in am inky mood! Here is another photograph I vector-ized to help me see the various shades of gray. I used a Pentel Pocket brush pen and sumi-e ink stick.

Produce Stand – day 83

   I’ve been learning how to use Adobe Illustrator at work and I learned how to turn a photo into a vector drawing. It was really cool because it helped me see the various shades of gray in the photo. I used it to help me with shading in this one. Here is the vector…