I haven’t sketched in several days, unfortunately. But here is something I sketched last Sunday. My purse using featherstroke for shading.

Barcoded apple

I forgot to post this. I tried an excercise in Drawing Magazine- shading with Feather Stroke. The idea is to layer until you get the right shading and texture. It was fun!


I was in need of comfort food so tonight we made chocolate chip cookies.


   It’s that time of year when I want to eat and hibernate 

This morning’s coffee

   I tried using coffee to paint this but it didn’t work very well. I’ll try it again sometime.


Today I attended my final Term Student retreat of the season. One of the things we did (aside from meditating for most of the day) was create a mandala that expressed what we learned over the past three months. Without going into too much detail (that would take too much time. I’ll probably write a…

Draw your dinner

   I’m finding it easier to pick up a pencil to pass the time as I wait for things. Here is my sauce simmering on the stove.


   Today was a good day for tea. I made some in my clay teapot. 

That Ikea thing

   I’ve been doing a lot of pencil sketches this week. Here is another one of that IKEA thing.