“Field trip”

It’s literally raining ice daggers outside today so I was unable to go outside to draw, which was the assignment for today. So instead I got to work a little early and drew inside. I thought it might be challenging and fun to work with perspective and draw the library shelving. It was fun to work with all of the things we learned this past week.

I am going to try this again tomorrow at home. (we have another bad day of weather).

This was my first time trying a thumbnail sketch before drawing the final drawing (upper right-hand corner). I didn’t think I would, but I actually found it really helpful!




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  1. asenglandnz says:

    Great perspective in your sketch. Your changing line widths really help to give it depth!

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    1. Moni says:

      Thank you! I was trying to play around with that from the first lesson in One Drawing A Day! 😀


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