A day in the life

Today’s assignment in my Sketchbook Skool class is to draw moments of my day, comic style. So in the morning I pre-drew the boxes and filled them in as the day progressed. I started out using my brush pen but then switched out different pens over the course of the day. I think today I will draw each panel entirely with my brush pen, for practice.

As an aside, at my zen center we are studying the Precepts and one of the things we are supposed to do each night before we go to sleep is go over our day and think about the events and how they affected us, without judgement. Just notice how they affected us. I have been having trouble remembering to do this practice but yesterday when I was doing this little comic exercise I realized that this is kind of the same thing. So I think I will try to do this everyday that we are doing precept study.

I am probably the only person who will understand any of these drawings, but here they are. 🙂

comic 4.19.2017



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