Happy New Year!


My interest in drawing has been very up and down this year. I haven’t picked up a pen in a few months. I had some knitting projects I wanted to finish and so drawing took a back seat.

For Christmas I received a drawing instruction book for pen and ink and it renewed my interest. On kind of a whim, I purchased a Hobonichi journal for 2018 thinking I would use it for a drawing a day project. I got it in the mail on Friday and I’m completely in love! I can absolutely see the appeal of these little journals now. I’ve decided to dedicate to practicing sketching with a ballpoint pen and for personal journaling, a way to keep track of personal goals. I’ll try to post some drawings from it here on this blog.


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  1. Joe Hart says:

    Love it! Hoping to see some of the outcome of the daily practice. Thanks for sharing.

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    1. Moni says:

      Thank you! I was just thinking that I should post an update on my daily drawing here 🙂


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