Week one with the Hobonichi


My first week was spent trying to figure out exactly how I was going to use this little journal. I also spent some time obsessing over covers. Apparently, the company makes limited edition covers each year and they sell Out pretty quickly. There were a few still left at the Hobonichi store but I decided not to buy one in the end. I like the black, minimalist cover. Also, I love collecting stickers and slapping them on my sketchbook over the course of using it and a cover would defeat that purpose.

On the first few pages is this odd vertical calendar. I decided to use it to track my daily reading time. 20 minutes = one box.

My plan was to ignore the monthly calendar since I never really use one in planner mode (I have one I hang on my wall, plus this isn’t really my planner, it’s a sketchbook). But I saw this brilliant idea on the Sketchbook Skool Drawing A Day FB Group. They have drawing prompts and this will help me remember them. I also like that I can use the box for a quick thumbnail sketch.

And here are some daily sketches.

I am super impressed with how the paper handles ballpoint pen ink! It doesn’t handle stamppad ink very well though.


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