#30x30DirectWatercolor2018 challenge day 1

A few weeks ago I had a dream in which I was sitting at a table with acclaimed Spokane watercolor artist, Stan Miller. In the dream he was strongly encouraging me to take his class but I was reluctant and didn’t feel like I was good enough to do it and I was surprised that he would even ask me or even want me to be in his class. When I woke up I realized that the dream was about me exploring watercolor as a medium.

The next day I noticed on Marc Taro’s blog, Citizen Sketcher that he is having a challenge in June in which you make one watercolor a day using his direct watercolor method. So I thought this would be a great opportunity to dive in!

This is my day one painting. I clearly have no idea what I am doing but here it is. I am looking forward to learning more as I go along. I will share some of the results here.

If are interested in participating you can learn more about it on Marc’s blog.


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