Tequila – day 80

Today I tried layering watercolor paint. It was a fun exercise but I need more practice.

Pumpkin on a bench – day 79

I am learning about shading so I thought it would be good to look at a black and white photo I’ve taken and sketch that – paying attention to the gray tones. I had a lot of fun with this and am pleased with the result. It’s not perfect, by any stretch of the imagination…

Owls in a tree – Days 71, 72, 73

I tried an exercise from a craft magazine we have here at the library. I honestly don’t know what magazine it was and I am very sorry about that because it would be nice to reference it. If I can find it again I’ll update this post. For the exercise I first panted on the…

Olympus XA – day 70

I decided to sketch my Olympus XA – then when I pulled it out of the closet I couldn’t help but put the leather strap around my wrist so I sketched the tiny camera in the palm of my hand. Now I want to put film in it and shoot with it.

The notebook- day 69

I have been slacking on my daily drawing. Not sure if I’m losing momentum or if I am lacking time. Maybe both. I decided to do a wick watercolor sketch of my notebook.

Holga – day 66

Another camera from the collection! My holga, which currently has a roll of Tri-x in it. I used black and gray from my Koi Watercolor Field sketch box to “shade” it in (I don’t know what I’m doing).

The fox and the bunny – day 62

Sadly, I missed a few days of sketching but returned to it today with a quick sketch of my little fox and bunny. I bought a Koi field sketch watercolor set and this was my first time using it. I am a little overwhelmed by my color choices – but otherwise love it. Love the…

Olympus Pen – Day 60

A quick-ish sketch of one of the cameras that I currently have film in: the fabulous Olympus Pen. I’ve used it a handful of times. It’s a fun little camera!