Olympus Pen – Day 60

A quick-ish sketch of one of the cameras that I currently have film in: the fabulous Olympus Pen. I’ve used it a handful of times. It’s a fun little camera!

Fox  – day 58

I’ve been thinking a lot today about my little fox so I thought I’d try drawing one. I don’t know if this is my fox but it’s a fox. I think. Also: foxes are adorable. ‪

Orchid – day 53

   This is the second exercise from the book, “Japanese Ink Painting: The Art of Sumi-e” by Naomi Okamoto. Clearly, the Pentel Pocket Brush pen is not at all the right pen for Sumi-e so I thought I would also try the orchid exercise with the Akashiya Sai pens. I have it in my head…

Day 50 – look up

This is a drawing from memory. On my run at the Salmon River I was having a hard time getting into the groove of navigating the jutting rocks and tree roots of the trail. In a moment of discouragement I looked up and saw a cloud drift by in the sky and remembered the ancient…

Bunny – day 48

   Today I thought I’d try drawing something from memory. Today on my run an adorable little white-tailed bunny scampered into the trees as I approached.

Lunch – day 47

I brought my sketchbook to work with me this morning so I could draw something during the day. I sketched my sandwich before I ate it. I hurriedly put my sketchbook away when my co-worker entered the staff room, not wanting her to see my picture. Then I ate my sandwich and wondered why it…

Old Timey wagon – day 45

There is an old wagon from the Barlow Trail up at the other library I sometimes work at in Welches. I thought I’d try drawing it on my break today.

See saw – day 44

I actually sat in a park and drew this from life. It was very relaxing. I should commit to drawing something from life everyday.

Day 42 – a study in blue

   I had so much fun the other night sketching the Adox bottle so I am inspired to play with one color on other drawings.

Day 41 – kitchen stuff

   I feel bad – I haven’t been posting everyday like I meant to. I’ve been feeling self conciousness lately!  Still really enjoying these watercolor pens! I’m probably going to order the whole set today.