Day 41 – kitchen stuff

   I feel bad – I haven’t been posting everyday like I meant to. I’ve been feeling self conciousness lately!  Still really enjoying these watercolor pens! I’m probably going to order the whole set today. 

Self – day 33

   Thought I’d try a self portrait this evening. Mouths and noses are hard.

Comedian-day 30

I’ve been enjoying the challenge of working with the limited Summer palate of the Akashiya Sai brush pens. Also decided that I like drawing straight away with the Pentel brush pen – as opposed to using pencil first and inking over.

The wave that ate the PNW

Day 28 I have been troubled by the overly fearsome New Yorker article published about the impending doom of an earthquake surely to hit sometime in the next 50 years or something. So I drew this to make myself feel a little better.

Day 23 – July 11

This is my ‪‎Timbuk2‬ bag. I’ve had it for more than 15 years. It has accompanied me on countless adventures, and might have even saved my life when I got hit by a car (or prevented injury at least). I’ve spent a ton of money searching for the perfect bag – but maybe the perfect…

Day 17 – July 5

This is my second self portrait – and on a Sunday. Self Portrait Sunday?

Day 4 – June 22

Somebody from the candy shop was on the street corner giving out samples of saltwater taffy and singing songs.