Shiny new things

Since I decided not to buy a cover for the Hobonichi I was worried that it would it would get messed up hanging out in my bag. I found this Diary Pouch at Baum-kutchen and it’s perfect. It carries a few pens in the zipper case and the Hobo fits nicely in the main pocket….

Paint the sky

As I mentioned, I am taking the Beginning Class at Sketchbook Skool and am really liking it a lot. It has finally gotten me back in the habit of sketching everyday, which makes me happy. However, I feel self conciouis about posting my sketches everyday. I think I will post once a week a round…

The fox and the bunny – day 62

Sadly, I missed a few days of sketching but returned to it today with a quick sketch of my little fox and bunny. I bought a Koi field sketch watercolor set and this was my first time using it. I am a little overwhelmed by my color choices – but otherwise love it. Love the…

Afga Shur Shot – day 57

I decided that sketching my cameras was a good idea when I’ve run out of ideas. Here is an old Agfa Shur Shot that is pretty much useless except for decorating my fireplace mantle. I tried mixing paint and didn’t do a very good job. I need to look at a color wheel next time.

Day 50 – look up

This is a drawing from memory. On my run at the Salmon River I was having a hard time getting into the groove of navigating the jutting rocks and tree roots of the trail. In a moment of discouragement I looked up and saw a cloud drift by in the sky and remembered the ancient…

Lunch – day 47

I brought my sketchbook to work with me this morning so I could draw something during the day. I sketched my sandwich before I ate it. I hurriedly put my sketchbook away when my co-worker entered the staff room, not wanting her to see my picture. Then I ate my sandwich and wondered why it…


  I noticed my hibiscus was blooming again for the first time this year. The tree is full of pretty purplish flowers.

Rotterdam skyline

On day 33 of my 100 Meaningful Days project I went for a walk along the Maas river in Rotterdam, sat down on a bench in the sun and enjoyed the scenery for a while. I really like being near the river, seeing all the huge container ships coming by.

My Holga

It has been a while since I posted, but I have been drawing almost every day. On day 31 I drew my Holga, one of my favourite cameras. I’ve been out of the photography game for a while, due to lack of inspiration, but that day I took it out for a spin again. It…

Self – day 33

   Thought I’d try a self portrait this evening. Mouths and noses are hard.

Comedian-day 30

I’ve been enjoying the challenge of working with the limited Summer palate of the Akashiya Sai brush pens. Also decided that I like drawing straight away with the Pentel brush pen – as opposed to using pencil first and inking over.