Back to the daily grind

Here are yesterday’s and today’s moments. They were busy days. Yesterday was spent on planes, trains, and automobiles. Today was spent on my feet all day doing RFID tagging at the library. And then laundry when I got home. I’m exhausted. šŸ˜“


Here are a couple days of “day in the life” sketches. The page on the left was a day spent in Santa Cruz, and the one on the right was a day spent in SF for pinhole day. I even got a belated birthday cake at the end of the day! šŸ˜„ I bough some…


Yesterday’s day-in-the-life comic featured a #drawaTog challenge. That’s me in pigtails waving and my Ondu pinhole camera in the two middleĀ panels. You can see what others have drawn at the #drawatog hashtag on Twitter. You can also follow @drawaTogpartyĀ for info on the challenge. Incidentally, for this the pen that I used was a Uniball Vision…

Sunday funday

I’m starting to kind of find my groove with this exercise. My little comic version of myself is still a little awkward but whatever.