February sketches

Whoa! I completely skipped posting my daily sketches and didn’t even realize it. So, here is an update of some of my favorite Hobonichi sketches from February. Part of my problem is that I am forever feeling self conscious about my sketches. And the Hobo has proven to be a personal space (which I love)….

Shiny new things

Since I decided not to buy a cover for the Hobonichi I was worried that it would it would get messed up hanging out in my bag. I found this Diary Pouch at Baum-kutchen and it’s perfect. It carries a few pens in the zipper case and the Hobo fits nicely in the main pocket….

Week one with the Hobonichi

My first week was spent trying to figure out exactly how I was going to use this little journal. I also spent some time obsessing over covers. Apparently, the company makes limited edition covers each year and they sell Out pretty quickly. There were a few still left at the Hobonichi store but I decided…

Happy New Year!

My interest in drawing has been very up and down this year. I haven’t picked up a pen in a few months. I had some knitting projects I wanted to finish and so drawing took a back seat. For Christmas I received a drawing instruction book for pen and ink and it renewed my interest….