“Field trip”

It’s literally raining ice daggers outside today so I was unable to go outside to draw, which was the assignment for today. So instead I got to work a little early and drew inside. I thought it might be challenging and fun to work with perspective and draw the library shelving. It was fun to…

Love and hate

Yesterday’s lesson was to draw the words love and hate, conveying the emotion of the word in the line.  I really enjoyed this in the sense that it made me understand how emotions really inform the way a line will look. Very interesting!  I used calligraphy pens, a pentel pocket brush pen, and a sharpie.

Sinuous Lines

Yesterday’s lesson was to draw a cord using a brush pen. I kind of struggled with this because I feel like the Pentel Pocket has a mind of its own and I had a hard time letting go of control.

Thick & thin lines

For yesterday we explored thick and thin lines using different sized Sharpies. I enjoyed doing this. I had a definite moment when things clicked and I got drawn into the process. 

One drawing a day

I fell off the sketching train again so I thought the new year would be a great time to get back into the habit of drawing everyday. It just so happens that Sketchbook Skool is offering a One Drawing A Day class, and I had Christmas money so I signed up! I’m going to share…