Shiny new things

Since I decided not to buy a cover for the Hobonichi I was worried that it would it would get messed up hanging out in my bag. I found this Diary Pouch at Baum-kutchen and it’s perfect. It carries a few pens in the zipper case and the Hobo fits nicely in the main pocket….

Week one with the Hobonichi

My first week was spent trying to figure out exactly how I was going to use this little journal. I also spent some time obsessing over covers. Apparently, the company makes limited edition covers each year and they sell Out pretty quickly. There were a few still left at the Hobonichi store but I decided…

A new pinhole camera

Yesterday was a great day because in the mail I received a new pinhole camera from my friend Todd, who 3D prints them. This is his newest design and I volunteered to run some film through it to test it out. I’m so excited to play with it! There will be some new adventures using…

A little color

More camera sketching fun in my kraft paper notebook. Really enjoying drawing in this! Still trying to wrap my head around shadow and highlights but enjoying the process. I also wanted to see how this paper would do with watercolor so I added some background – something new for me. 

My precious

Last night I decided I wanted to sketch my Yashica Mat. I also wanted to use my white pen and toned paper – something I’ve never tried before. Looking at shading and highlights is a new concept for me. I had fun!

A memory 

I was having trouble coming up with something to draw the other day so I decided to do the drawing prompt for the Sketchbook Skool Drawing A¬†Day group. The prompt was Memory and a lot of people were drawing the memory of their first day of school. I remembered an old photo of me on…

Drawing is like meditation 

Damn. It’s been a month since I picked up a pen and I’ve really missed it. I been doing other things but that muse has been screaming at me in the back of my mind telling me to sketch. Today I’ve been struggling a bit with depression and thought maybe it would help. The jury…

Thick & thin lines

For yesterday we explored thick and thin lines using different sized Sharpies. I enjoyed doing this. I had a definite moment when things clicked and I got drawn into the process. 

My kitchen

  This week in Sketchbook Skool, our homework is to spend hours on a detailed sketch. We were instructed to draw our kitchen. So on Sunday I started doing this in 30 minute increments. I finished it on Tuesday morning, and even took the time to scan the image before posting it here! I really,…

Converse Allstars

It looks like I’m on a roll. Two days in a row. This is good! Here are my shoes, using the same medium as yesterday’s sketch: watercolor, gouache, & brush pen. Micron pen for the words.

Sketchbook Skool

I signed up for the beginning class at Sketchbook Skool and so far I really like it – though I’m only halfway through week one. For our first homework we are supposed to draw something that has meaning to us, so of course I chose my pinhole camera. We were also supposed to use a…