While I was waiting for water to boil I sketched the ingredients for my dinner. It made the time pass quickly. I made Ponzu-Tahini Soba salad and it was delicious.

Current read

Feeling a little rusty but it feels good to draw again.

Dinner bowl

I’ve been in a major drawing slump and haven’t picked up a pencil in days and it’s made me sad. So today I searched for things I can do to get out of my slump. One suggestion was to give an entire sketchbook a theme. As luck would have it, I’m starting a new sketchbook….

Silver teapot – day 78

   I haven’t been posting my daily sketch because I’ve been feeling very self conscious. I decided to upload this anyway as a way to, hopefully, silence the critic. I’ve been practicing shading with black watercolor, as per an exercise from the book Urban Watercolor Sketching. I’m so new at this and it feels awkward…