Self & tea

Here are another couple of days worth of sketching in my Kraft paper notebook.  I love to draw eyes with the ballpoint pen, but tend to lose interest once I get to the rest of the face. Maybe I should spend a few days working on the same portrait. I couldn’t think of anything else…

Art suppliesĀ 

Still having fun with the kraft paper notebook! Here are a couple of days worth of quick sketches. 

A little color

More camera sketching fun in my kraft paper notebook. Really enjoying drawing in this! Still trying to wrap my head around shadow and highlights but enjoying the process. I also wanted to see how this paper would do with watercolor so I added some background – something new for me. 

My precious

Last night I decided I wanted to sketch my Yashica Mat. I also wanted to use my white pen and toned paper – something I’ve never tried before. Looking at shading and highlights is a new concept for me. I had fun!


Yesterday I did a quick 5 minute sketch with my brush pen during my break. I wasn’t sure how it would turn out but I knew I wanted to use a brush pen. As I was drawing it I realized I wanted to illustrate my portrait in a cartoon-y way. I had a lot of…

Ballpoint fun

Three days in a row! I’m proud of myself. Today and tomorrow will be a challenge because I am busy all day and evening. I’ll have to carve out time to sketch. For yesterday’s sketch I used a ballpoint pen which is probably my favorite drawing instrument. 

Adidas stripes

It seems I’m on a roll – two drawings in a row! This is good. I like the self portrait idea because faces are a challenge and mine is always readily available. And I think it will be fun to try different mediums.  For this I used my Uniball Vision Fine and Dr Martin’s liquid…

Self portraitĀ 

I came across a blog post by a woman who started a project where she decided to draw a self portrait everyday for a year. She’d read somewhere that drawing the same thing everyday for a year is a good exercise.  I am very much drawn to this idea myself. I need a project because…