Day 41 – kitchen stuff

   I feel bad – I haven’t been posting everyday like I meant to. I’ve been feeling self conciousness lately!  Still really enjoying these watercolor pens! I’m probably going to order the whole set today. 


  I noticed my hibiscus was blooming again for the first time this year. The tree is full of pretty purplish flowers.

No. 3 – Flower

   It turns out that the ink from my pen takes a lot longer to dry than I expected. I’ll have to be a bit more careful when using the rubber next time. 

Rotterdam skyline

On day 33 of my 100 Meaningful Days project I went for a walk along the Maas river in Rotterdam, sat down on a bench in the sun and enjoyed the scenery for a while. I really like being near the river, seeing all the huge container ships coming by.

#devclub – day  38

   I used one color for this (aside from the black ink) and enjoyed what l learned about mixing the color with water to get varying tones.

My Holga

It has been a while since I posted, but I have been drawing almost every day. On day 31 I drew my Holga, one of my favourite cameras. I’ve been out of the photography game for a while, due to lack of inspiration, but that day I took it out for a spin again. It…

A little behind

Here are the last three days. I got behind on posting but am still drawing everyday.          

Le Chat Noir

His name is Touchstone as all black cats should have a Shakespearean name.

Self – day 33

   Thought I’d try a self portrait this evening. Mouths and noses are hard.